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IC: Welcome to Econtra

The last thing you remember was a splitting headache, a wave of vertigo, and a rush of wind. You found yourself disoriented in a small white room. You take the time to gather yourself, ignoring the nausea in the pit of your stomach. Where are you?

Your immediate possessions seem to be intact, although you are alone. A quick glance around confirms that there is only one closed door, and no windows. Going to the door, amazingly, proves it is not locked, and you walk out and down the hallway. At the end of it, a small group of people wait in the corridor, leaning against the walls or standing uncertainly; all of them look as confused as you feel.

There is a hiss, like pressurized air, and you are shuffled into another room. It is white, like the last one, and in the center sits a metal chair. At the far end of the room, a suited figure behind the wide desk gestures to it. You sink into its chilly cradle gratefully, as the short trek from the hallway to inside has left you dizzy and weakened.

"Please, sit down. I am the Warden. You're probably wondering why you've been brought here. The answer to that is simple: we need your help. The reasons why you in particular, however, are more complex. Would you like something to drink? This is going to take a while."

No drink is ever brought to you, regardless of your answer. It was never a true offer, just a leftover remnant of some former politeness. The figure behind the wide metal desk clasps hands precisely and regards you with an unreadable expression.

"I realize when you look around, things are going to seem a little different than you're used to. This is to be expected, since the rules of your world, and the rules of this one are likely not identical. You see, we are in quite a bit of trouble. I won't go into details right now, as they'll be provided at your first briefing. Suffice it to say that an imminent threat is upon us, and in a rare moment of human humility, we realized that we were not equal to the task. Hence, you. You and many, many others."

Trying to regain your senses, you open your mouth to protest this new information, but are waved off impatiently. After all, the warden has many new faces to see; time cannot be wasted on the same, inane questions to be asked by everyone.

"You can assume that since you are here, we found some quality of yours that separated you from the status quo. It may or may not be an extraordinary distinction, but we felt that overall it would be beneficial to recruit. Now, I'm sure you'll have questions; they will be addressed in due time. I suggest you go and find yourself some housing... the others will surely fill you in on the rest."

The warden gives you an enigmatic smile as you are led away to the Commons quad, and the gate sealed behind you. "Oh, and one more thing... welcome to the real world. You've just been drafted."
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