List of Missing Persons

This list will be added to and changed as we gather more information. If anyone has any knowledge of the whereabouts of any of those listed, please respond here or in my journal.

Genjo Sanzo Found.
Cho Hakkai (possibly disappeared)
Son Goku
Selphie Tilmitt Gone...

Sakura and Syaoran. There are two Sakuras, so I'm quoting one of her friends' description- "There's nothing that sets my Sakura-chan apart from the other Sakura-chan, but Syaoran-chan has puppy ears and tail."

Status Report

All residents please respond here, or in my post on the main comm, with your status and needs. Also, any other residents you think or know may be missing or injured.

There has been damage to several of the buildings, we need as thorough a report on that as well. There may be residents that have been trapped, or are homeless. Volunteers will be needed to rescue and/or house them if necessary.

Help will be dispatched as soon as possible. Please...everyone, be as safe as you can, and stay together....

(OOC: This will also be in Quatre's journal, backdated to the end of the mod plot because I had no internet >_< Sorry!)