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Econtra RPG - Main Comm
...a multi-fandom, multi-universe game...
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28th-Jan-2009 11:02 am - [Indigeo] Requisition
calm, born leader, † barely a smile but meaning it, † a stillness that speaks volumes, serious
[Screened to the Indigeo | Unhackable]

A change of clothes, my size, to Vri-Pente, please.

And a bottle of champagne.

((ooc: Maria's just testing if the Indigeo is online again, per Albel's suggestion.))
22nd-Jan-2009 02:25 am - List of Missing Persons
This list will be added to and changed as we gather more information. If anyone has any knowledge of the whereabouts of any of those listed, please respond here or in my journal.

Genjo Sanzo Found.
Cho Hakkai (possibly disappeared)
Son Goku
Selphie Tilmitt Gone...

Sakura and Syaoran. There are two Sakuras, so I'm quoting one of her friends' description- "There's nothing that sets my Sakura-chan apart from the other Sakura-chan, but Syaoran-chan has puppy ears and tail."
21st-Jan-2009 07:44 pm - Status Report
All residents please respond here, or in my post on the main comm, with your status and needs. Also, any other residents you think or know may be missing or injured.

There has been damage to several of the buildings, we need as thorough a report on that as well. There may be residents that have been trapped, or are homeless. Volunteers will be needed to rescue and/or house them if necessary.

Help will be dispatched as soon as possible. Please...everyone, be as safe as you can, and stay together....

(OOC: This will also be in Quatre's journal, backdated to the end of the mod plot because I had no internet >_< Sorry!)
17th-Jan-2009 05:25 pm - [Indigeo] Requisition
[Backdated to before the mod!plot]

ListCollapse )
17th-Jan-2009 12:58 am - [Indigeo] Requisition
(backdated to before the ModPlot)

Dark blue snowcoat

Emergency supplies (restock for what he already has- insert long list of supplies. Mun is lazy >_<)

Deliver to Om-Pente. Thank you.
16th-Jan-2009 12:46 pm - [Requisition] ... (backdated)
you amuse me
(OOC: backdated to several days before modplot, just after Wufei's conversation with Hilde)

Consider this a test of your abilities, Indigeo. I am curious to see if you can accommodate a request of this size.

15th-Jan-2009 11:22 pm - [Indigeo] Requisition
[OOC: backdated to the date of this thread.]

A deck of regular playing cards, poker style.
A checker board and full set of checker pieces.

Delivered to Om-Pente immediately. Thanks.
13th-Jan-2009 08:26 pm - [Indigeo] Requisition
dark queen
(OOC: Backdated to shortly after this requisition, the night before the Keepers strike.)

Screened to the IndigeoCollapse )
12th-Jan-2009 09:57 pm - [Indigeo] Requisition
Le sigh
A metal chest plate in the shape of a heart. The straps for it should be black and the heart pink with a white outline. Make sure it can function as a bra, size 24DD.

((OOC: Backdated a bit, to before this thread. Sorry, would have posted it earlier, but I was doing other things. 8( ))
11th-Jan-2009 11:34 pm - [Indigeo] Requisition
deep sorrow
I need the following goods delivered to each room in the apartments, regardless of if they are occupied. Each set is intended for one person:

1. Two large woolen blankets, of a size to wrap a human in. Color: dark blue.
2. A medium-sized crate of food. Fill with apples, dried fruit, smoked meats, flatbread, cheese, some of that "instant food" Leon mentioned, and the like, enough to last five days.
3. Water for seven days in space-efficient packaging. If you know of nothing better, use small one- or two-gallon casks.
4. Two pieces of flint stone, of a size easily held in an average hand.
5. A bundle of wood and kindling.

Thank you.
11th-Jan-2009 09:34 pm - [Indigeo] Requisition
smirk/snark/you know you want me
((Backdated liek woah to New Year's Eve))

- Assorted Chinese fireworks, circa late 20th, early 21st century, enough to fill a cardboard box 15 inches by 15 inches by 30 inches... and they'd better come in the damn box, thank you!

- Sake, futsu-shu, 1 liter, heated to 80 degrees Celsius, quantity: 1 bottle

- Porcelain choko, quantity: 2

- Porcelain tokkuri, quantity: 1

- Daifukumochi stuffed with anko, quantity: 12

- Insulated beverage "cooler" bag, nylon, 15 inches by 9 inches by 9 inches, zip-top, quantity: 1

Deliver to Sor-Dyo.
10th-Jan-2009 09:28 pm - [Indigeo] Requisition
Mal Inara faded

Hi, sorry to bother you again... Dear Bhudda, I'm talking to a computer... Um, I need a pair of gloves, and (gives a list of makeup and descriptions of a few pieces of jewelry.)

Hmm.. And perhaps some massage oil as well.. Some unscented and some floral.
..And... Could I also have a small statue of Bhudda... Some sandalwood and rose incense and matches..
Some silk and sheer wraps in (Gives a few colors)

That's all for now. I feel like such a bother. ...To a computer... have I lost my mind?

Could I have it delivered to Tzu-Deka, please? Thank you.
10th-Jan-2009 08:20 pm - [Indigeo] Requisition
[Screened to Indigeo//Unhackable]

[Shortish list consisting of baby clothes in x size, diapers, all such extras, and a baby bed and small changing table.]


Delivered to Paj-Epta, please.
10th-Jan-2009 06:04 pm - [Indigeo] Requisition
Hello? Hello computer thingie? Yes, I need a few things, and I'm told if I list them here you'll deliver.

I need a coat. A fine, full length fur coat, auburn. It can be faux but if so it must be top of the line quality!

And matching fur-lined snow boots. And a fur lined hat. And gloves. And a scarf.

I'll need several outfits, a number of dresses with matching accessories. [insert mind-bogglingly detailed descriptions of about a dozen different fancy oufits here]

Oh what else? Some fine silk bedclothes. Sheets, blankets comforter, all that, and don't forget the pillowcases! Violet, I think might match. And two matching nightgowns. Silk, of course.

And can I get this kitchen stocked? I expect proper, edible food. Betazoid cuisine would be most appreciated. [insert another long description of various edibles]

Oh, and a few other things. [Another detailed list of soaps, powders, perfumes, make-up, lotions, shampoo etc...]

You can just send them right over here to Mui Deka.
6th-Jan-2009 10:03 pm - [Indigeo] Requisition
smirk/snark/you know you want me
- Cast-iron stove, with the chimney cut off after one foot, quantity: 1

- Aluminum pipes, interior circumference the same as the exterior circumference of the chimney, wall thickness 1/8 inch; pipes should be straight for two feet, bend 45 degrees, then straight for four feet; quantity: 2

- Aluminum sheeting, 3 feet by 3 feet by 1/32 inch, a hole in the center that would accommodate the aforementioned aluminum pipes passing through the hole at 45 degrees; quantity: 2 sheets

- Aluminum foil tape with acrylic adhesive, 3 inches wide, 50 yards long; quantity: 1 roll

- Ceramic tiles, 1 foot by 1 foot by 3/8 inch, quantity: 9

Deliver to the largest bedroom in Sor-Dyo.
4th-Jan-2009 11:56 pm - [Indigeo] Requisition
smirk/snark/you know you want me
-Suits of iron plate armour, in the style of medieval European knights, on props so they are supported in the standing position; quantity: 10

Deliver to the concrete commons behind apartment building three, please. Thank you~!
As of today, the male Wufei will be included back in the screened posts of the Alliance. He was able to retrieve and check his PDA.

Please let Miss Maria Traydor know of any further breaches of security.

(OOC: This will be posted in his journal as well)
2nd-Jan-2009 01:41 pm - [Indigeo] Requisition
[Backdated to just before New Year's Eve.]

Sparklers, fountains, Roman Candles, and all sort of fireworks for the sky! Just to celebrate the New Year, nothing dangerous, seriously.

Oh, and four blowing horns. Loud ones.
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